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We’re located at 13350 Fort St., Southgate, MI

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Complete Contact Lens Service

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The eye doctors and eye care staff at Lesnick Optical specialize in contact lenses and are nationally recognized for their expertise.

Difficult patients to fit, or patients that have been told that they can not wear contact lenses are often fit successfully with contact lenses. We fit all types of contact lenses and maintain large lens inventories, including disposable, soft toric, bifocal, rigid gas permeable, tinted, new hybrid lenses, and orthokeratology (lenses to change the shape of your eyes).

Get Dailies 1 Contact Lenses in Southgate

At Lesnick Optical you can get fitted for Dailies 1 Contact Lenses. Our eye doctors have been chosen to be one of the very few practices to fit these incredible lenses. These contact lenses are famous for thier comfort and breathablity.

We pride ourselves in our contact lens specialists ability to guide you in the right direction. Contact lens services are available for all patient in Southgate, and Downriver and the surrouding Michigan areas!

Wearing Contact Lenses is Easier Than Ever!