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The Eye Exam

Eye Exam in Southgate,

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Eye examinations are generally recommended on a yearly basis, or more often to monitor special eye conditions. Children should receive their first complete exam at age 3 or sooner if symptoms are noticed.

Lesnick Optical is equipped with the most advanced, computerized instrumentation to provide a thorough and quick analysis of vision and assessment of eye health. Such instruments include the auto-refractor, auto-keratometer, auto-visual field tester, auto-lensometer, computerized tonometry,corneal topographer, retinal photography and more.

Optometric technicians work with the doctor in performing many of these tests, along with visual acuity, color vision, depth perception, and blood pressure. Eye doctors use state of the art slit lamps and opthalmoscopes to conduct the physical eye health exam with dilated pupils.

For your convenience you can schedule your eye exam in our eye care clinic in Southgate.