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We’re located at 13350 Fort St., Southgate, MI

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On-Site Optical Laboratory

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We have a full-service optical laboratory in our Southgate office, equipped with the latest in edging technology and stocked with a wide array of premium coated single vision, bifocal, and progressive add lenses. By producing our glasses in-house and bypassing the middleman, we are able to give the highest quality assurance, fastest processing time, and best value and cost savings to our patients.

When you receive your new eyewear, you can be sure it has been manufactured to meet the exact standards your Doctor has prescribed for you. Sandy Lesnick  manages our on-site finishing laboratory, and has over 40 years of experience in the optical field. State-of-the-art equipment, combined with Sandy's strict quality control standards and highly skilled craftsmanship, guarantees your new eyeglasses will give you the best vision and comfort possible. We have access to all the lens materials available in the market today, and stock many of them, enabling us to provide you with the fastest service, including, in many cases, same-day service. Sandy is an integral part of our team, working to provide you with the best in quality eye care.